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Team and complex

At Meritum we have adopted a concept of team work thanks to which our patients may take advantage of the knowledge and experience of several doctors who deal with different fields of dentistry. The doctors support each other with experience discussing each case during medical conferences.

ortodonta Łódź

Experience and treatment

Our perennial experience and medical competences, as well as unique procedures we have developed in our clinic, guarantee precisely planned and effectively conducted dental treatment.

ortodonta Łódź

Understanding and

We listen carefully, understand and meet the patient’s needs, even the ones which haven’t been expressed. We are open to the patient’s needs and patiently explain all aspects of treatment. We advise, share our knowledge and together search for better solutions


About us

Esthetic dentistry in Łódź

Meritum Łódź is a specialist dental clinic which has been created for over two decades by a team of experienced and professionally qualified dentists and orthodontists. Our main areas are orthodontics and esthetic dentistry.

Esthetic dentistry and orthodontics are  our most important perennial specializations. These are hundreds of performed treatments, happy patients and regained with a beautiful smile, self-confidence. Among possible esthetic solutions we offer: porcelain veneers, inlay/onlay fillings, all-ceramic crowns and DSD, that is digital smile design. We offer to our present and future patients a full package of services improving the esthetics of the appearance of teeth – from orthodontic treatment to hygienic and preventive treatments.

In Meritum surgeries we improve or reconstruct the shape and colour of damaged or lost dental tissues. Depending on the patient’s needs and expectations we are able to offer a porcelain crown, crown on implants or a porcelain bridge. We cooperate with high class prosthetic technicians. Their work guarantees high quality and comfort of using  new teeth.


Then, tooth shape correction is achieved by contouring, bonding and composite veneers which are performed in Meritum surgeries. Pretty and esthetic appearance is assured by tartar removing, teeth sandblasting and whitening. If interested, please go to the appropriate subpages to find out about the details of treatment.

At Meritum we take up the challenge of treating difficult and demanding dental diseases. One of them is bruxism which leads to tooth wear. However, first of all, we try to make our patients aware of proper oral hygiene and prophylaxis.

Our passion is micro-invasive dental treatment under magnification and root canal treatment under a microscope. Caring for the highest quality of performed treatment we use the most technologically advanced equipment and filling materials of the  newest generation. Micro-invasive treatment is 100% painless. Root canal treatment effectiveness is confirmed by X-ray images taken on the spot. We offer full professional dental care to the youngest patients as well. Our patient children’s dentist will treat children’s teeth painlessly and in nice atmosphere. It is important for us that your visit passes in a relaxed, and what we care most about, non-stressful atmosphere so that the child trust the doctor, want to care for their teeth, and be aware of the importance of oral hygiene.

What distinguishes the Meritum team is that we listen carefully, understand and meet the patient’s needs, even the unexpressed ones. Restoring a healthy and beautiful smile at the same time we restore self-confidence and self-esteem. Our main goal is to provide you with professional dental care in terms of conservative, orthodontic and esthetic treatment.


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